“Ayansa has enjoyed her lessons with Little Fish and we wanted to thank you for running a great swim school, especially with all the challenges during Covid and to all the teachers for teaching swimming in an enjoyable and productive way. Ayomi, May 2023”


Sofia is off to secondary school in September so will stop her lessons. She has had such a great journey & swim for many years with many of your teachers – thanks to all of you as she has loved swimming lessons & is a beautiful little swimmer! Claire, May 2023


Thanks so much for all your help over the years and your fab teaching team! It took a few years, but Orla’s become a very happy and confidant swimmer, which I’m pretty thrilled about…!!
Mhairi, May 2023


We loved swimming with you and all the teachers we met were brilliant.Thank you so much for teaching Amber to swim. We will miss all your friendly faces. Anja, May 2023


Edie’s swimming has improved so dramatically since starting the intensive holiday classes with you and now her weekly session. We went away this week and she swam for nearly 4 hours a day (never wanting to get out). She had the confidence to practice her diving and she swam the length of the pool (20m) unaided and without stopping – these were big milestones for her so we are very grateful for little fish! Thanks again. Melissa, May 2023



Tristan has just started swimming with school as part of the national curriculum and I’m very proud that he’s the top swimmer in his class!
Also, Jasper’s swimming ability has so much improved since Christmas. He’s never been short of water (over)confidence but I can now let him swim on his own without feeling like I need to be near him just in case! Thank you, I’m so pleased with our boys’ swimming abilities thanks to Little Fish. Stephanie, May 2023


Ben’s first triathlon was a big success, he felt really confident and looked great in the pool. So big thanks to you and Georgina for supporting him with that. Nicki, May 2023


We’ve loved little fish over the years for our two, the teachers have been great and the quality of lessons really high. Thankyou. Sarah, May 2023


We feel so fortunate to have and have had our boys swimming with Little Fish over the years (with Tom still coming of course). Well organised, great pools and just wonderful swim teachers! Jo, October 2022



George has just finished a week of swimming with Waleed and I would like to say a proper thank you.  It has been an excellent week and George has made so much progress.  He hadn’t been in a pool since March 2020 and was a little rusty on the first day, but by the last day, he was swimming a full length of front crawl, which he has never done before.  We are all delighted.
Waleed is an excellent teacher, taking the time to explain, in simple terms, to each swimmer, what they need to do. He also made the lessons extremely fun, so it was the perfect mix of ‘work’ and fun.  George has just loved this week and was sad that it has come to an end! Many thanks to you all. Liz August 2021