Sharks swimming lessons 

Swimming classes run for thirty minutes with a maximum of 5 children per class in the water.

The teacher is on the poolside. In order to join our advanced classes children must be able to swim at least 25 metres of frontcrawl, backcrawl and breastroke with excellent technique.

We cater for children up to 12 years of age in Shark lessons.

These classes have been developed for our top swimmers in order to get them ready to move onto a swimming club.  Swimmers will progress together in their class, gradually swimming further distances as stamina is built up. 

In these classes children will continue to develop their strength, stamina and stroke technique.

Classes will also include advanced technical skills such as competitive racing starts and turns.

We have links with various local swimming clubs and when the time comes we are very happy to advise swimmers about which club to progress to.

Parents are very welcome to watch the lessons.

Little Fish

Children aged 2 and a half years and upwards until they can swim 15 metres

Big Fish

Children who can swim between 15 and 600 metres


Children who can swim 600 metres or more