COVID 19 – Safety for Swimmers & Staff

The new normal regarding swimming lessons


As the COVID-19 restrictions relax we are changing our lessons but still keeping some measures in place. We are committed to the safety of you as clients, our swimmers and staff. We will have hand sanitiser, various cleaning protocols and other COVID-19 measures in place which we will communicate directly to any swimmers wishing to book but these are the specific swimming lesson related changes that may affect whether or not you would like to book lessons:

1) Children must arrive ‘beach ready.’ This means having a shower at home before coming swimming and arriving at the pool with costume/trunks already on, ready to get into the pool. Showers are not to be used at the pool. Time spent in the changing rooms should be kept to a minimum.

2) Only one accompanying adult or one adult spectator is allowed per swimmer. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate any extra non-swimming siblings as spectators. Spectators should bring and wear their own face masks and also bring and change into their own indoor appropriate footwear, such as flip flops, before going onto the pool side.

3) After the class spectators and children can use the changing rooms but should do so swiftly.

4) Our door/cleaning staff will still be wearing masks so although not essential we would appreciate it if spectators would also continue to wear masks. If you would rather watch the lessons from the patio outside the pool you are very welcome to do this. All swimmers must have a responsible adult present on site at all times

5) Badminton School require any swimmers wanting to attend lessons at their venue to read the Swim England document for pool users (which is in the link below). Not all of this document relates to swimming lessons, but the main COVID-19 pool precautions are mentioned.

If you are happy with all the above points and would still like to book your child/ren into lessons, please let me know via email your preferred dates and times. Our landline was cancelled at the start of lockdown and we do not have a new phone number yet.

Please let us know your children’s date of birth/s and their swimming ability before lockdown.

Please see link below with more guidance from Swim England